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We’re Youth General Assembly New Owerri World Bank Housing Estate.

Youth General Assembly New Owerri World Bank Housing Estate, a social welfare NGO, is full-heartedly dedicated to fighting for a cause related to eradication of poverty, youth empowerment, employment opportunities, education for all, etc.

Our NGO has been contributing tremendously towards the welfare of the society.


We care about people. Show genuine concern, always. Empathize with others’


We care about connecting. Cultivate authentic relationships.


We care about excellence. Aim for the highest standards of professionalism.


We care about strong futures. Invest in the whole person. Equip young people.

Companion & Love

We as a non governmental organization we are bond by love and companion as a member.

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Being native, we easily turn to natural things when we are in need of good health. Nature has provided our various needs in the herbs. Many people die from malignant growths every year. A multitude of factors including diets , negative emotions, environment, lifestyle, hormones, and viruses can contribute to the development of many ailments including cancers. There are best Treatment for all tumours ( benign and malignant tumours) . Herbs can be used to cure all disorders in the body. 

Chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, cancers, cerebrovascular accidents (Stroke), chronic heart diseases, diseases of the lungs, infertility, skin diseases, just to name a few, have been controlled and cured with Herbs. Since we started to support, to render help to sick people, I have closely come across many cancer cases diagnosed and treated with herbal remedies. 

Cancer of the Breast is the most common. It is not incurable. The ones that had not been exposed to surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy were easier to cope with. It is Most delightful to note that even when there was a spread (metastasis) to the arm and the breathing was affected, showing a spread to the organs in the chest cavity, very enthusiastic and conscientious patients regained their health. There is no doubt that with our more supportive donations and research work into our herbs, cancer patients and others afflicted with deadly diseases will have more confidence in herbal treatment in the future. Therefore we encourage people to support us financially and know more about the use of Herbs for more serious health disorders.

Here’s your reminder – Year 2023 to; 

  • Go for Breast Cancer test,
  • Call/WhatsApp/email us and book for your treatment, 
  • Encourage family and friends to put their Health first. We are making effort to support Cancer patients all over the globe from January 2023. We are happy to share that our target is $50m (Fifty Million Dollars) whilst supporting a better future for persons affected by Breast Cancer.