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Youth General Assembly New Owerri World Bank Housing Estate, a social welfare NGO, is full-heartedly dedicated to fighting for a cause related to eradication of poverty, youth empowerment, employment opportunities, education for all, etc. Our NGO has been contributing tremendously towards the welfare of the society amidst the chaos of Covid-19. During the coronavirus’s unfavorable times, we have walked hand-in-hand with several suppressed programs to provide extra relief and care to them.
Education, youth empowerment, and employment opportunities are the three core areas where we have done our best to help the underprivileged in these times. Our organization has successfully implemented a plan of action in these areas to provide a better standard of living to thousands of people.
Loss of lives due to this pandemic caused substantial irretrievable damage to the society at large. But apart from this, COVID-19 has severely demobilized the Nigeria economy. Many of the affected countries decided to undergo a complete lockdown to restrict the disease’s further transmission in the community. Nigeria was one such country which, too, initiated the precautionary measure in the form of lockdown. With the complete lockdown, economic and other related activities came to a complete halt. With this, our very duty to serve the society came into existence.

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