Chiemeka Nwaru and talked about starting up a Charity Organization in Our Community.

Today marks three years since I met with Board of Trustees Chairman

Hon. Chiemeka Nwaru to discuss establishing a charitable organization in our community.

He said to me some years ago….”I remember when I was in Government Secondary School Owerri, Imo State, I went to school without taking anything along with me for lunch. Everyday I kept watching fellow students brought out their meal during break time. Sometimes I ask myself why am I so unfortunate…if God is for some persons. Hon. Chiemeka Nwaru continued, “for that reason, when I realized God’s Grace on me. I have to look back on how far God brought us as a great family, then I said so long as I live I do my best to see that I will help the less privileged. “

Now, help change as many lives as we can that were in the same position as Hon. Chiemeka Nwaru was some years ago. We do all this to thank God for what He has done for us as humans. Hon. Chiemeka Nwaru is the founder of Youth General Assembly New Owerri World Bank Housing Estate with a steady flow of financial support from his lovely Dad Mr. J. O. Nwaru(Our great Daddy) always asking us how far we’ve gone… bringing water to our table whenever we’re thirsty. Also his lovely mother Mrs. Celine Nwaru(Ezi Nne), Prof. Mrs Helen Anukam, Mrs Chidinma Vivian Obihara(Vivafrik World Ltd) Dr. Uzo Anukam, Mr. Ike Obihara. Nnamdi Anukam(Pharm), Chef Sir. Ejinkonye, Don Pedro(Grand Patron), Obinna Okoroike(Patron), the Boards Of Trustees, family and friends.

Today we have recorded 7kids that we helped with shelter and 2 of the kids are in school to make a difference in the Society and change the lives of children in need. With over thousands of kids today.

We visited Motherless Home on 17th September 2022 to hand out Provisions, Soft Drinks, Toiletries, Detergents, Disinfectants, Bags Of Rice etc with cheque of Five Hundred Thousand Naira only(#500,000) for their medication. It worth emphasizing that the Organization made of Youths has been amazing and those I may not have mentioned their names. I can’t thank you enough for all the contributions you have made for supporting the Organization.

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