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Your Generosity Makes Real Change Possible Help more young people like Joe Ngoma transform their lives. With Youth General Assembly New Owerri World Bank Housing Estate's past years of experience, you can be confident when making your donation. Your tax-deductible gift helps ensure that young people around the world, including some of the most vulnerable and underserved, are able to realize a brighter future.

Your gift will support YGANOWBHEs mission of promoting the strengths and abilities of youth and families by providing community based services that empower, promote healthy behaviors and enrich each to face life's challenges with confidence, competence and dignity. Donations will, for example: Provide training in sought-after life skills (like teamwork, conflict management, and critical thinking) for young people in Nigeria. Prepare young women in Imo State to secure good-paying jobs in typically male-dominated fields like auto mechanics and electrical repair and maintenance Strengthen the capacity of local partner organizations to better serve the young people in their communities Transformative change only occurs when diverse people and organizations work together. We hope you’ll join us in standing by, for, and with young people around the world because when they are afforded the opportunities they need, they can unlock their potential and create a bright future for themselves, their communities, and all of us.

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