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Mission Statement

World Bank Youth is guided in all we do by our vission, misssion and values.

Our Vision

A world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation.

Our Mission

World Bank Youth promotes the strenght and abilites of youth and families by providing communities based services that empower, promote healthy behaviour and enrich each to face life challenges with confidence, competence and dignity.

Our Values

Compassion: We care about people. Show genuine concern, always. Empathize with others’ perspectives and situations and act on our desire to improve their well-being. Be kind and compassionate with ourselves as well.
Relationships: We care about connecting. Cultivate authentic relationships and champion partnership. Intentionally focus on working together to advance our mission and deepen our impact.
Accountability: We care about excellence. Aim for the highest standards of professionalism, evidence-based practices, and fiscal responsibility. Find solutions, overcome obstacles and deliver exceptional results every time.
Empowerment: We care about strong futures. Invest in the whole person. Equip young people, caring adults, and our own team with the transformative skills, strengths, and confidence needed to make better decisions, become resilient, and achieve success.


We Care